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Carabiniere Nucleo Radiomobile

Carabiniere Nucleo Radiomobile

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The carabiniere minifigure of the Nucleo Radiomobile Patrol by Italianminifig is sold with the signaling disk printed on original Lego piece, Army cap with the typical chinstrap and flame. The uniform, rich in details and 360° printed on original Lego, is the one of a contemporary carabiniere of the Nucleo Radiomobile: jacket in reflecting fabric and high visibility black boots.

The Nucleo Radiomobile monitors the citizens safety and provides emergency assistance if necessary. Organized in headquarters and stations, the Nucleo Radiomobile guarantees 24-hour surveillance and operational readiness also through the "gazelles", the cars used by the carabinieri patrols on duty. 

Established in 1814, today the Carabinieri Corps is one of the police forces of the Italian Republic with public security and military police tasks towards the other armed forces. With the rank, in turn, of armed force since 2000, the Carabinieri are part of the Eurogendfor European gendarmerie.


(This product is not a toy: it is not suitable for children under the age of 14, due to the small parts that constitute it. It is a collector's item of historical interest. Each Italianminifig item does not intend to celebrate any authoritarian regime, not intends to foment hatred or a repressive spirit towards freedom and human rights).

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