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Veteran alpine hat

Veteran alpine hat

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The Italianminifig veteran alpine hat, available with blue or red tassel, was designed in our modeling department, 3D printed and hand decorated in every smallest detail. Each piece is unique.

The hat is the element that makes the Alpini immediately recognizable.

The model that we can still appreciate today dates back to 1910: a gray-green felt hat with the front brim lowered and the rear raised, a leather band at the base of the cap and a feather inserted in a wool tassel.

In 1912 the front frieze was adopted: a cornet with the regimental number in the central rod, positioned in front of two crossed rifles and surmounted by an eagle with spread wings. The frieze of the mountain gunners shows two crossed cannons instead of two rifles.

The feather, positioned on the left side of the hat, is white for the officers and black for the non-commissioned officers and the troop.

The frieze, on the other hand, is black for the soldiers and gold for the officers.

The wool tassel is made in various colors. Each color identifies a battalion.


(This product is not a toy: it is not suitable for children under the age of 14, due to the small parts that constitute it. It is a collector's item of historical interest. Each Italianminifig item does not intend to celebrate any authoritarian regime, not intends to foment hatred or a repressive spirit towards freedom and human rights).

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