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Mototriciclo Benelli 500 M36

Mototriciclo Benelli 500 M36

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The Benelli 500 M36 by Italianminifg is a scale reproduction, mountable and made up of original Lego pieces, of the motor-tricycle produced for the Royal Italian Army in 1936. The motor-tricycle is a limited edition and is part of a collection dedicated to the Bersaglieri corps.


The sales package includes:

- A bag containing the pieces to assembling the Benelli 500 M36 (57 pcs.).

- A certificate attesting the authenticity of the Benelli motor-tricycle, as an Italianminifig product, and that it belongs to a limited edition.

- Assembly instructions.


The Benelli 500 M36 made its debut on the battlefield during the Spanish Civil War.

The motor-tricycle was used by the combat units, but it was more utilized by the Bersaglieri corps.

Suitable for towing machine guns and light artillery, perfect for transporting men, ammunition, supplies and provisions, during the Second World War, it was also used as a mobile radio centre.

Before it was replaced by the Moto Guzzi TriAlce, the Benelli 500 M36 was the only solution for powering the 80th "La Spezia" airborne infantry division and for towing the 47/32 Mod.1935 cannons.


(This product is not a toy: it is not suitable for children under the age of 14, due to the small parts that constitute it. It is a collector's item of historical interest. Each Italianminifig item does not intend to celebrate any authoritarian regime, not intends to foment hatred or a repressive spirit towards freedom and human rights).

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